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Guild Events

Post  JoJo on Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:39 pm

Upcoming Events: (Dates are TBA for the time being. Keep checking back for official times)

CW : Sign up will be required as you can only take a party of 8.
- We may have to do rotations with other guilds we make if too many people want to go.
-Date: TBA (Or whenever I get shii's equips up to par <_<)

Guild leveling event because we need more spaces o.o

Leveling event so we can prepare for Secret Room eventually <_<

Death Race:
Everybody takes level 1 vagrants and race from Flarine to Mas Mines without dying. There will be check points where you have to pick up something or copy shop titles or something so that you don't just run in safe areas @_@

Fly as high as you can on your board and drop down near a target. Closest to the target wins a prize. (May be placed in a dangerous area o.o)

A series of screenies will be posted in the screenie section of the forum. You have to find the location the screenie was taken in and screen yourself in the area. Person with the most similar screenies wins.

Speedy Gonzales
This event will be a time trial to see who can level their vagrant to first job the fastest. A certain job will be selected that the vagrants will have to take at level 15 to make sure that everything is fair.

Begging Brazilians
Everyone makes level 1 vagrants or puts on vagrant gear and goes around begging for penya. Be creative with how you ask other players for penya. The cooler your request the more likely you will be to get the penya. The person with the most penya at the end of a certain amount of time will win a prize.

Maintenance Lottery
Please check the game section for more information.

Guild Collecting Event
More details on this later. Prize will be A LOT of sunstones (after I farm them.)

This have been done already.
Potion of Rangda : Guild Quest
This is going to REQUIRE participation of AT LEAST a party of 8 (Preferably including out of party RMs as well). After all of the "potion" items are collected it will be time to go get a little piece of Rangda herself. We will fight Rangda (70), Horrible Rangda (85), and Uncanny Rangda (100) assuming we can find a tanker. If we can't find a tanker then we'll just take Rangda and Horrible Rangda. Details about this event will be posted after I figure out the quest items I'll need (They won't be easy to purchase, that's for sure ). There will be a sign up for this event. We may have some out of party RMs as well to make sure there are enough damage dealers in the party.

We need to keep this thread clean so I can keep up with everyone's responses. So until it's time for sign up this thread will be locked ;3

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