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Guild Rules

Post  JoJo on Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:09 pm

Reading this entire thread is REQUIRED!
We're going to start implementing a few simple rules to help better the guild. We'll see how it goes. Rules are subject to change and more may be added or taken away. Please refer back to here once in a while to see the changes we're making. For the time being this thread will be unlocked for suggestions/corrections only. If you have questions or concerns please contact Angie or a king pin.

1. We are establishing a cap on alternate characters in the guild. The number of alts you are allowed will be based on rank. This number includes your main character. Assuming that you have 2 chars that hold 2 different offices, your higest rank applies to the limit you have. You cannot say, "Oh I have a king pin and a captain in the guild so can I have 6 characters in Winter?" No, you can have 3. You have until Feburary 1st to decide what characters you want in Winter. Please let Angie or a king pin know if you need help adding/removing your characters.
  • KingPins: 3
  • Captains: 2
  • Supporters: 2
  • Rookies: 2

2. Due to some confusion in the past we will also be limiting the times you can leave and rejoin Winter. Please read below.
  • You can only leave and rejoin Winter twice per character UNLESS it is to do Clockworks. If you leave a third time, you will not be allowed to rejoin.
  • There is no limit on how many times you can leave to do Clockworks. After you stop farming CW and you do not come back to Winter so that you can join some other guild then this will count as one of your times of leaving should you decide to rejoin at a later date.

3. Beginning after January 7th, 2009, characters under level 80 that are not already in Winter will have to fill out an application to be reviewed by the current members of Winter. Final decisions will be conducted by the officers. Application will be posted on January 6th, 2009. Application question suggestions can be mailed in game to Angie or sent on MSN to one of the officers.

4. Forum and Vent participation will be required, effective on January 1st, 2009. This is to ensure that the members of our guild are active. At least 1 post a month and 1 log-in to vent. Forum participation is required to make sure that our members are current with guild happenings. Ventrilio participation is requested because I pay that out of my pocket and I don't want the money to be wasted D; If you need help with Ventrilio, once again, please contact Angie or an officer.

5. Due to our guild bank being stolen from in the past, you now need to contact Angie or an officer to get something from the guild warehouse. You can however, still contribute. Please keep the warehouse clean and do not put random junk in it. If you have some greens you can't sell or don't want, feel free to put them in the bank. If you need a loan (once we get the monetary funds pumped up) please contact Angie or an officer.

6. Please do not harass or disrespect your fellow memebers of Winter. In the past we had problems with heated and offensive arguments in guild chat. Please be civil and if you need a mediator, you should know by now who to contact Cool Please refrain from using hate speech such as the "n" word and faggott or any variation of such words.

7. Participation in events is required. Maybe not all of them, but at least some. No exceptions.

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