Winter Guild Information

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Winter Guild Information

Post  Blurry on Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:58 pm

About Winter:

Guild level: 25
Guild leader: Blurry Lvl 107 AoE RM ;3
Co-leader(s): Nutcake, shiikari, mills, Wryda
Members: 5x
Do we guild war?: Yes :]
Do we siege?: If the answer isn't obvious already, then I pity you. No D:! Maybe someday if enough guildies want to goof off.
Will there be events, WITH prizes?: Indeed


- Active! (That means at least 4 days out of 7, unless giving an excuse!)
- Level 80+ only, please, so I know you're serious and you'll be active!
- Donate to the guild, whether it be quest items to level the guild, penya to fund events, or just items to help your other guildies out!
- Polite (I'm not asking that you fake happiness 24/7 but at least use common sense as to when NOT to use "your mom" "your face" jokes.)
[Watch what you say, I don't tolerate hate speech, and I will kindly remind you the first 2 times, after that I'll get bitchy]
- No drama, pl0x. If you have a problem with another guild member, pm either a Kingpin or myself, we'd be glad to help you out :]

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