Application! This is needed to be in the joining-post

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Application! This is needed to be in the joining-post

Post  NeTeY on Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:57 am

Remember to Read the things/rules Here

And once you posted, you cant reply to that Post.
If you want to add something then PM either
Blurry or NeTeY
And it gotta be a good reason ;o

Application:[Copy and Paste this into a new topic]

Name/Nickname: whatever you prefer to be called.
In Game Name:
Location: if it makes you uncomfortable, you can just list what country you are from ;3 No need to be specific
Timezone/what times you are usually online:
Do you know anyone in Winter? :
What made you decide to join us? :
What is your preferred way to be contacted?: If you put email, be sure to list it also ;3

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